The Girl Blue
wish she knew
who she is to the world
Is she a precious pearl?
Or no one at all?
Or someone who has yet to fall?
Would it hurt to try new things?
She'd find out what it brings...
if she only knew
this little Girl Blue

- G. Gibson (GB 2003)

Girl Blue Then and Now

The Girl Blue Project is extremely proud of the work weíve done with teen girls over the years. Weíve made a huge impact in the lives of young girls in Los Angeles County and in Ghana, West Africa. It has been an amazing journey filled with great opportunities to empower girls and watch them become beautiful, productive young women.

Our girls have paid it forward whether returning to mentor the next group of girls or helping to provide books, games, toys and basic school supplies to an orphanage and school in Takoradi, Ghana as well as Accra. Weíve raised more than $5,000 to support homeless teens with HIV for the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic. Our girls have tutored 2nd and 3rd grade students in reading at Charles White Elementary and Frank del Olmo Elementary. Collectively they have self-published over 7 books of poetry all used to benefit other teen girls who were at risk. They have learned the value of giving and understand the principle of collective responsibility. They have been the inspiration and collaborators on every production performed at The Girl Blue Project. They have courageously shared their stories and inspired many-adults and teens to live their truth and make better choices. They have challenged us; made us laugh, cry and experience every passionate emotion possible and we are all better human beings because of it.

Beginning this year, The Girl Blue Project will be exploring other avenues to empower teen girls and women. Our purpose will remain the same and as always we will use the performing arts to teach, inform, empower and impact change for the better. We are taking on a 2 year project to focus on HIV and the growing number of cases in young women. Youth have a voice. Young women have a voice and young people will listen to them. We plan on partnering with other organizations in developing Red Ribbons-an HIV play fused with mixed media arts to combat the stigma and ignorance about HIV that still exists within urban communities and its impact on society as a whole. Our girls will go on to become mothers and leaders and we want them to have all the confidence and wisdom knowledge can give them and to remove the fear from knowing your status. We are beyond excited and looking forward to numerous workshops and opportunities to erase the fear, stigma and silence that is still associated with HIV. It takes a village and The Girl Blue Project wants to be a part of that village. We are grateful for all the girls who have come through The Girl Blue Projectís summer intensive and welcome all who will be a part of our future. We hope that you support us in our efforts by donating to the program or partnering with us on this journey.

Please click on the links to review our archival newsletters and articles. For more information about The Girl Blue Project please contact Marlow Wyatt.

Peace and blessings!!!

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